How do you maintain a peaceful home?

Establishing structure in your child’s life will make your life so much easier. They need routines in order to maintain a peaceful life too.

Love is the most important component of every home. Letting kids know you love them regardless of their mistakes will improve their self-esteem and allow them to open up to you.

Everyone in the family should have a planner to keep track of events. Establish a specific area in your home to serve as a command center. You can use it to charge devices, store backpacks, and keep a family calendar.



    You are your child’s first teacher. You teach them to walk, to talk, and how to behave in public.  But what happens when they go to school?  They leave your loving arms, go off and make new friends, and begin to grow. You watch them mature and learn to care for themselves.

     But what if you suddenly see changes?  Not the good ones, but the ones you definitely did not teach them? It might be their behavior, talking back, or grades begin to slip.  How are you supposed to fix it?

    You will find your answers here.  Remember, you can balance teens & tweens, their education, your work, and still have a life!  If you are struggling with your child, let me help. Just fill out the form above.​

     Do you need some encouragement?  Check out my Blog Page. I provide tips to busy moms and dads so they can maintain a peaceful household and sense of humor while raising teens and tweens.

I focus on various ways to:

  • help your child be successful in school 

  • bond with your child

  • utilize time savers

  • create family fun

  • live a positive lifestyle.




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